PolicyNow is an exceptional company that is focused on providing fast, reliable and affordable home insurance for our clients. Their rates are low, coverages are good, and their fast turn times keep us working with PolicyNow.

- Elizabeth Franco, Mortgage Broker

I refer PolicyNow to buyers because of the quick response I receive when I contact the agency. Not only is their service excellent, but they also have the friendliest staff that I have worked with. I've never received a negative comment from our homebuyers when it comes to PolicyNow's rates. I would recommend PolicyNow to anyone.

- Jaime Vazquez, Escrow Officer

I've been using Merilee [PolicyNow co-owner and agent] since June 1996. My first contact was as a customer and I was impressed with her service and policy as compared to others I requested quotes from. The month after buying my home, July 1996, I was hired away from my current job by the lender who had referred my wife and me to Merilee for our homeowners insurance.

Originally I advised my clients to talk to Merilee as well as 1 or 2 other agents they might have already planned on talking to. I also advised them to not just look at the yearly cost of the policy, but to also look at the various amounts of coverage on the policy. Clients normally would just look for the lowest annual cost. After awhile I noticed that Merilee sometimes quoted the lowest annual cost, sometimes not, but the quality of the policy was always in my buyer’s best interests. Once the buyer looked at the policy as they should, Merilee got the business.

Annual cost and coverage is important, but something that is absolutely vital to me when I make a referral is that the service my clients receive is a "continuation" of the same individual care that I work hard to provide when doing their loans. Merilee has always shined in this very important area. Also, she never takes referred business for granted.

The end result was that I eventually just referred my clients to Merilee knowing they would receive the best policy and care. Some would talk to other agents, but few bought elsewhere.

For Homeowners Insurance, you and your clients can't go wrong with Merilee and PolicyNow Insurance services.

Brent Whitehead, Senior Loan Officer

Well, the reason why I use you is because you’re a very reliable company, also very friendly, and you guys have an answer to pretty much every question that I ask. Also you are very responsible and helpful to all the situations. And with a relationship of many years I hope that we can still be working with the same capacity that we have been working until now. Thank you.

Jose Tinoco, Realtor

It’s great working with PolicyNow. Their turn times are fast and they have the lowest insurance quotes around I have done my comparison with Farmers and Allstate to name a few and PolicyNow is very competitive. I will continue to refer them to my clients.

Lizette Cano, Loan and Real Estate Specialist


Pete Morris, Broker, CA D.R.E

I have been a real estate agent for 20 years. The companies I choose to service my clients are very important to my business and reputation. I know to be successful you need people who are there to make sure you can be.

Merilee has been my insurance agent for over 10 years. She was originally a reference to me from another real estate agent. I had been looking for someone who was quick, dependable, and had reasonable rates. I have found Merilee to be all those things plus much more. She has always taken care of my clients and me with caring and making me feel like I am the only one she works for. I always know she will get the job done. There has never been a time that Merilee has not performed and been there to answer the phone or email me within minutes.

I believe that I would not be a good real estate agent if she was not there with me. I appreciate her loyalty and dedication to her profession. She has been an asset to this profession and I cannot brag enough on the terrific job that she does.

Beth Wiebe, Realtor

Johnny on the spot! Best rate and fastest service around.

Bunker Rayner, VP (Mortgage Broker)

They have excellent rates. I’ve never had anybody beat their rates.
S. Noah, Escrow Officer

I know, you guys are great and I love your service. Trust me we all have to do what is best for our clients at the end of the day so I’m sure they will be using you because you guys have awesome rates.

Victoria Trifiro, Mortgage Broker

I have worked with them for over 12 years and they are indeed the best insurance agents I have ever worked for.  I have never (and I can honestly say this) had a client that was unhappy with them or the service they provide.

Deborah L. Ruilson, Mortgage Broker